HTC's new Chief Innovation Officer: user experience is more important than technology

2011-08-30 21:41:23 Click:

Beijing August 30, according to foreign media reports, recently, HTC's new handset design leader (Scott Croyle) said that dmlaylsite the high-level design changes, but the mobile phone design thinking does not change, HTC will continue to adhere to the user experience is more important thantechnical principles.

Recently, HTC's chief innovation is rmlaylsonsible for mobile phone design officer (Horace Luke) resigned for personal reasons, the current vice president rmlaylsonsible for the design Crowe took over this position.

Crowe recently told the media that HTC will remain committed to the future of smart phones and tabletPCs to provide more content and services, Moreover, focusing on enhancing the user experience, such as big screen to enjoy video can improve the results, before and after camera can be with family andfriends, video chat.

Crowe said that dmlaylsite the high level design changed hands, but "consumer first" philosophy has become the HTC's DNA, it will not change.

Crowe stressed that HTC will be concerned about the use of mobile phone user experience, rather than on the background of the technology itself.

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